March 15, 2013

A Slightly Morbid View of Bangor

I didn't plan to have my recap post of Bangor to be so... morbid. I was going to be honest and say that due to our limited time, we didn't get much of a feel for Bangor, and the parts that we did see didn't leave much of an impression. I was going to write about the few things we did get to do before returning home to DC and show a few photos. That's when I realized that this was going to be a morbid post.

You see, the only things we did in Bangor other than get a quick dinner at a microbrewery on the water were driving by Stephen King's house and checking out another cemetery. Yes, that makes two cemetery trips in four days.


I'm not creepy, I swear! I don't lurk in dark corners and and obsess about death. It just so happens that Stephen King has a house in Bangor, and the internet promised that it would be cool. (It was.) And the hubs mentioned that he had also read that there was a cemetery in Bangor that is apparently a tourist attraction, so we decided to see if it was really all that cool. (Mehh.) If we had spent the day in Bangor rather than exploring Portland, I'm sure we would have done normal tourist things like check out museums or visit the Paul Bunyan statue. But... we didn't.

So here you go, dear internet. Here is my slightly morbid time in Bangor.

Stephen King's house. And yes, I did feel creepy taking a picture of his home, especially when there was a car in the driveway.
Wrought iron fence with spider web and bat details.

Bat detail on the wrought iron fence.

"K" for King! 
Three-headed dragon detail.

At the Mt. Hope Garden Cemetery
Mt. Hope Garden Cemetery 
Very old tombstones (some from the 1700s!) at the Mt. Hope Garden Cemetery

So there you have it. Was it a little weird? Yes. But now I know that Stephen King lives in a badass, beautiful home in Bangor and possibly drives a Prius. If we return to Bangor, we will be sure to visit Paul Bunyan and do something a little more mainstream. :)

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