March 11, 2013

Nothing But Snow and Sky

I enjoyed our time in Maine so much! I don't know if it was the surge of love I felt for the hubs and his side of the family as we gathered to see his grandmother, the beautiful scenery, or the thrill of exploring a new place, but they likely all played a role in how fond my memories of Maine are. 

The hubs' uncle flies his own plane (cool!) and was bringing the rest of the family with him, but due to a delay on the ground after a potential mechanical problem, the hubs and I had to pass the time until meeting them at the tiny airport in Waterville. I would have loved to tromp through the snow and get lost in the trees while we waited, but after dawdling over lunch, we didn't have time to have a true snow adventure. I contented myself with gazing out the car window in awe at the beautiful country roads and hopped out at a couple of spots to snap pictures. 

It was a cloudy day, and the sun was nowhere to be seen or felt. The wind was nipping at my fingers, but I could have stayed outside for hours. Not a soul was in sight, and with the sky melting into the snowy hills, it felt like we were enveloped in a white wonderland, just the two of us.

Eventually, we made our way to the airport, and when we saw the lights of their plane appear in the sky, it was time to put the camera and snowy daydreams away. For a short while, anyway. Just until the next cloud of whimsy takes over. :)