March 24, 2013

Sunday Currently : 12

Woo hoo, it's Sunday! This weekend has been so busy, and today is no exception. Normally, I prefer my Sundays to be quiet and lazy, but today the hubs and I will be busy social butterflies as we go to a birthday brunch this afternoon for one of our friends and then off to a dinner this evening with another friend. Mmm, food.

Last weekend I wrote about not doing many fun things, and this weekend was very different, as there was a lot of time spent with friends. I was especially looking forward to going to my first DC United game of the season on Saturday! Although we lost 2-1 to the Columbus Crew, it was fun to back in the stadium and getting caught up in the raucous fun of cheering on our team (and perhaps hurling a few insults at Columbus while we were at it).

I might be a little tired this morning, but I'm ready for more time with friends! Sunday, let's do this. It's game time.

reading : The end of A Portrait of the Artist of a Young Man. I'm also getting into the last bit of Beautiful Darkness, and I hope to start on the next book this week. I really need to read faster!

writing :  Sadly, not too much! Mainly organization lists. I need to brainstorm some posts to schedule and have a couple started in my head that need to be translated into actual words on my computer. 

listening :  To TV in the background. Does anyone remember the show Popular on the WB? I love that era of TV shows on that network and have been re-watching this one. It's so goofy and satirical, and I forgot how much I enjoyed it when it was on the air. And those old WB promos were so epic! I'm having some major nostalgia now. 

thinking : About what to order for brunch! My friend's birthday was last week, and we're having celebratory brunch today in Columbia Heights. Eggs or French toast?

smelling :  Lavender dryer sheets. Mmmm. 

wishing :  For the weekend already! Last weekend I thought I didn't do enough fun things, and this weekend was a bit of a fun-times overload. It's been enjoyable, but I am definitely feeling the need for some rejuvenation and balance next weekend. 

hoping :  For snow. I know it's probably futile, but every time I hear there's a chance of snow in DC, I get my hopes up. Sigh. 

wearing :   Minnies, colorful striped long-sleeve tee, and a new favorite necklace. I am ready to get my brunch on!

loving :  Fun! With some of my friends leaving the area next year, I'm glad that we're spending time together. When it gets a bit warmer out, I know that we'll have lots of other fun things to do, and I'm excited for what the future will bring. 

wanting :  New furniture. The hubs and I have accumulated lots of random pieces of furniture for our apartment, mainly from Target and Ikea, but lately I've been thinking about what kind of styles we actually like. I've started to look at various pieces that catch my eye, and I think I've started to figure out what I want. Now I just want to buy them all! :)

needing :  To go through clothes to donate and get some major cleaning done. Maybe it's because spring is in the air, but I want to get some spring cleaning projects done over the next couple of weeks. 

feeling : Excited for fun things ahead! So far on the agenda are a trip to NYC, more DC United games, brunches, concerts, and lots of other adventures. Ooohhh, I can't wait to share some of these with you guys! :)

clicking :  On old WB promos. I can't help it, writing about Popular made me jump over to YouTube to relive my adolescence! This one and this one are my favorites.

What are your Sunday plans?

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