March 18, 2013

A Jaunt to Portland, Maine

Alas, my Maine posts have come to an end! Who knew that I would have so much fun there? I was expecting to have a nice time, but I had no idea that it would as wonderful as it was! Isn't that just the best?

After the rest of the family headed back to the Midwest, the hubs and I were on our own again. We had planned to go to the L.L. Bean flagship store for no reason other than it seems like the thing to do when you're in Maine. On the way down to Freeport, we decided that since we were in the area, we might as well have lunch in Portland.

Hello, man with the yellow bag! Yes, you have indeed walked into my frame. 

This town wins my heart for being a salty seaport with adorable restaurants and cobblestone streets. Seriously, is there anything better?? The hubs and I immediately felt a connection with Portland, and our only regret was that we could not spend more time there. The upside is that we now know that next time we'll have to have our home base in Portland!

As we walked through the streets, we found a precious little Italian restaurant for lunch called Paciarino and decided to check it out. We couldn't get enough of their freshly made pasta and sauces, and the servers were so friendly that it made the meal even better. Our sunny little corner was the perfect spot to warm up and fill our bellies.

 After we had our fill of fresh ravioli and tagliatelle, we had to get back on the road to visit L.L. Bean. The flagship store in Freeport is more of a compound, comprised of multiple buildings for clothing, hunting and fishing goods, and homewares. I had been hoping to walk away with a pair of new snow boots that I've been coveting, but they sadly were out of stock! I was disappointed, but the store had too many fun displays to be sad for too long.

As we started the drive back to Bangor, where we spent the night before flying home, I started to feel a bit tired from all of our exploring, but I also felt very happy. The night started to fall, and as I gazed out the car window up at the stars, the hubs by my side, I felt warm and content. Family means everything to me, and without taking those few days to spend with the hubs' side of the family, we never would have known what wonders were waiting for us to find. This trip had so much love woven throughout all of its parts: love for the hubs, hubs for our family, and love for Maine.

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