March 17, 2013

Sunday Currently : 11

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today I am wearing green, but I draw the line at drinking green beer. Green bagels I can get on board with. But not green beer.

The hubs and I haven't done much to celebrate since the thought of piling into a downtown pub seemed like way too much effort. I like my Sundays to be quiet and lazy, thankyouverymuch. I had hoped to watch the DC parade today on TV, but I can't seem to find it on any of our stations, so I will have to be content with listening to Irish jigs on Pandora. :)

Also, with last week's news that Google Reader will be going down the drain this summer, I've joined the trend in moving from GFC to Blog Lovin'. I'm really liking the switch and hope that you will join me over there! You can follow me here.

reading : Beautiful Darkness and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Still. My goal is to finish at least one of these this week since I've been dragging both books out for a bit too long. 

writing :  Bits and pieces of my dissertation. Also making lots of to-do lists for some exciting upcoming projects...

listening :  To the Irish Pub Rock station on Pandora. It features a lot of punk bands that the hubs and I used to listen to in high school, and it's fun to try to remember the lyrics and bounce around the apartment like a goofball. 

thinking : About future adventures. My posts last week were all about Maine (the last one is tomorrow!), and our brief getaway reminded me of how much I like to explore places both new and old. Now that spring is creeping closer and closer, I need to get back outdoors and soak up the best parts of this city before the summer humidity death starts. 

smelling : My Burt's Bees shampoo. My hair is still wet from my shower, and I keep getting whiffs of mango. Mmm. 

wishing :  For rose bushes and a fragrant flower garden. Wouldn't it be lovely to have an overflowing garden and a white picket fence? I've been having lots of house fantasies lately and keep picturing myself walking through a wild cottage garden with a cup of tea and a book. Take me there, please!

hoping :  That this week goes by quickly so that I can do fun things next weekend! This weekend was about work and getting things done, and while it's nice to be productive, I would have liked to have more recreation sprinkled in there, too. 

wearing :  Dark green corduroys and a light green t-shirt. I really do enjoy dressing festively, whatever the occasion. :)

loving :  Pinterest. I've been doing lots of fantasy pinning lately. Sometimes you just need to be dazzled by pretty pictures!

wanting : Sunshine! It's gray outside, and I would like to see the sun peek out from behind all of these clouds. Springtime, please. 

needing :  To find some durable yet not-too-expensive furniture so that we can have a proper kitchen table. Craigslist can be overwhelming, and ever since we found that great antique store in Maine, I would really like to find an equivalent place here around DC. Hidden treasures await me!

feeling : Very inspired and excited by future changes. Also feeling restless because I want to throw myself into them at this very second, but I have to stay in the daydreaming phase for just a tad bit longer. 

clicking :  On the Sunday Currently! I love browsing these posts. :)

What is your Sunday like? Are you celebrating St. Patrick's Day?