March 22, 2013

Brooklyn Daydreams

I just haven't had it in me to blog this week. Things at work were extra busy this week, and the combination of too many nights getting home after 9 or 10 in the evening was taking a toll. Last night I wearily thought of a post for today, but then I started to melt into the couch, buried my face in my cat's tail, and decided I was just too tired.

The good thing about being tired, though, is that it brings vivid, wild dreams. Lately those dreams have been about Brooklyn. My sister has lived there for a couple of years after over a decade in Manhattan, and I love the charm and quiet of her neighborhood. I'm headed up that way next weekend for Easter, and I can't wait to stroll along the Promenade and meander through the quaint streets. This might be my last time to do this, at least in a way that includes my sister's home, as she and her family might be moving to Westchester. I'm excited for them, but I'm also sad to think that the days of NYC adventures with my sister are changing-- not truly ending, but definitely changing.

This, of course, made me feel nostalgic for Brooklyn before it's even gone, and I found myself flipping through the engagement photos that the hubs and I did there last summer. Oh, BK, you have my heart (so does the hubs). So, if you'd like, let's take a little stroll down Memory Lane.

Le sigh. Cobblestone streets, brick buildings, and bright sunlight bouncing off the water... these are some of the things that are weaving through my daydreams.

Any other daydreamers out there today? Where are your daydreams taking you?

Photo Credit: Julian Ribinik Photography