April 21, 2013

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Brrr, it seems that a cold front has settled in! It may be spring, but today just might be a day for warm layers to battle the brisk air outside. If we were in our old apartment, I'm sure we would be hearing the rickety heater banging to life in the bedroom, but since I refuse to turn the heat on in April at our new house, I am left to curl up in a corner of the couch, surrounded by a barricade of pillows and blankets to protect myself from the cold. 

Before I launch into my regular post, I have a few exciting announcements. First, there is still time to enter to awesome $100 J. Crew gift card giveaway! Visit my post about the giveaway or enter below-- you don't want to miss out on this!

Second, I will be off on my belated honeymoon in about a month, and in the interest of staying present while we are riding camels in Morocco and gazing up in awe at the Gaudí buildings in Barcelona, I'd like to offer my readers the chance to guest post on the Quixotic Chica while I'm away! Let me know if you're interested in writing a little something. :)

reading :  Beautiful Redemption. And by reading, I mean that it just recently made its way out of the boxes of packed books. I've been waiting for the right moment to finish reading it, but I think I just need to pick it back up and finish it today! There's no time like the present.

writing :  Another weekend recap post. We have been so busy lately, both with the move and with doing fun things, and it's nice to have something to share on the blog. 

listening :  To "Hart of Dixie" playing in the background. I haven't watched any of my regular TV shows in weeks, and I'd like to get caught up.

thinking :  About some plans for later today. There is an Earth Day event in Takoma Park that I've been looking forward to for weeks, and I hope it is as fun as I want it to be!

smelling :   A delicious pomegranate candle. Our house doesn't have the regular scents that our apartment did, so I'm trying to bring back the ones that I love. Pomegranate is one of my favorites!

wishing :  That some things didn't have to change. I've been feeling bummed this week about some life changes going on in my family, and it just reminded me how much I dislike big changes sometimes. 

hoping :  For sunny beach days up ahead! I grew up in a beach town, and I've been thinking lately that I would really love to settle on the beach at some point in the future (among other places! I love fantasizing about future dream homes). I love DC, but it's not so great for getting sand and surf. 

wearing :  Flannel PJ pants and a huge college sweatshirt. Gotta stay warm!

loving :  The weekend! Also loving the Verizon representative who might have cured our internet problems. After forty minutes on the phone this morning, everything seems to be working so far!

wanting :  Coffee. Usually the hubs makes it for me in the morning, and I tend not to make it for myself when he's not around because I think he does it better. :) Still, I could use a cup of coffee this morning. 

needing :   To renew our passports! We leave for Spain and Morocco in less than a month, and both of our passports expire in the fall. I think they need to be valid for six months after the entry date for international travel, which means we won't be allowed to take off if we don't get new passports. Need need need to do this!

feeling :  A little blue as I think about the events of the past week, but some wonderful times are up ahead, and I'm trying to focus on those things instead. 

clicking :  On lots of new articles about the Boston bombing suspects. I was glued to the TV on Friday night as everything was going down and was so relieved that they captured the younger brother alive. Hopefully, everyone impacted by the attacks will have some answers soon!

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