April 9, 2013

Magnolia Blossoms

The past couple of weeks have been kind of rough for me. Being sick, stress at work, and moving out of our beloved apartment have all taken a toll on me, and I admit that I have just been feeling so ragged lately. I haven't been on the internet much, partly because our service went out during the move and was only recently restored, and partly because I have just felt so blah and lacked any energy to finish up my drafts of blog post ideas. I've felt very bad about this, but sometimes you just hit a funk and need to work through it.

I'm still sick this week (hopefully on the mend!), and yesterday as I walking out of my office into the amazingly warm sun, I passed a magnolia tree. I love magnolias, and these light pink blossoms just confirm that spring is really, truly here. And that little detail was enough to make me smile and me feel a bit better about things. Sometimes you just need something like that to make your day better.

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