April 14, 2013

Sunday Currently : 15

Oh sunshine, you have truly arrived!! This weekend was a great one for being outdoors, and I am definitely soaking up the Vitamin D. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I may have taken in a tad too much yesterday at the Nats game, as I now have an awkward farmer's tan/sunburn on my right bicep, but we'll just chalk that up to a life lesson.

We spent all day yesterday outside at baseball and soccer games, and today we are strolling around a nearby neighborhood for some farmer's market sunshine fun. Verizon once again has failed us, as we lost our internet at the house again, so today's post is coming half from the Blogger app on my phone and half from outside the Takoma Park library to use their free wi-fi. Oh, the lengths we will go to blog!

reading :  Beautiful Redemption. I haven't had a lot of time to read this past week with all of the craziness of our move, but I'm hoping that this next week will feel more settled and give me more time for reading. 

writing :  Lots of to-do lists for the house, and hopefully our regular internet will return soon so that I can write upcoming posts. I have ideas, but it seems that lately I either have no internet access or no energy. Fingers crossed for both this week!

listening :  To the birds chirping around me. It's such a beautiful day outside, and the great thing about the suburbs is that it's also pretty quiet on side streets. I love it!

thinking :  About personal life goals and house DIY goals. There is so much that I want to do, and I hope that it all happens. 

smelling :  Grass, flowers, and dirt. The hubs just said, "It smells like outside." :)

wishing :  For more peaceful moments like this one. As I write this, I'm watching a squirrel dig around in a flower bed on the library lawn. This is a wonderful reminder that even when things don't go as planned, lovely moments can still pop up. 

hoping :  For internet access at the house. Verizon, you have been a pain in the neck ever since we moved!

wearing : Mint skinnies (I'm obsessed with these), striped tank top, cardigan, a fedora, and strawberry-print Keds. This is a nice outdoor Sunday outfit for walking around. 

loving :  Our cat for trying so hard to learn how to walk up and down stairs! I realized that after years of apartment living, she probably never had to climb stairs before, and it's funny to watch her try to figure it out. So far she has been bunny-hopping up and down the steps, which is effective but not quite how it's done...

wanting :  This cold/cough to finally be gone! I'm almost there, but a little bit of a cough still lingers...

needing :  To unpack and get things organized. Little by little, our new house is starting to feel like a home, and I can't wait until we tackle some of the bigger projects we have planned. 

feeling :  Happy to be outside and to be exploring this neighborhood. It has made me realize that I could actually really enjoy a more suburban lifestyle as long as I still have access to the city. This area is a nice mix of that. 

clicking : On the Sunday Currently! I really love this link-up so so much and like checking out what others are up to. :) Happy Sunday, everyone!

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