September 8, 2013

Sunday Currently : 35

Lazy mornings sleeping in while the cats jump on and off the bed, intently staring into our faces, willing us to get up.... dawdling over scrambled eggs and coffee, curled up on the couch in a warm cave of pillows... sunshine and gentle breezes easing their way through the open windows....

Is there anything better than a Sunday morning?

reading : Native Son, though I admit that my pile of magazines has also been tempting me lately. I love not having a long commute to work anymore, but the downside is that I also don't have any built-in reading time throughout the day. Perhaps this afternoon?

writing :  The ends of a few posts that have been in "Drafts" for a bit too long. Gardens, walks around DC, adventures in Old Town... I have been enjoying life like whoa, and those snippets are long past due for the blog!

listening :   To the breeze rustling the leaves of a big tree outside. I know that it's pretty warm today, but I just know that fall is around the corner... I'm so excited!

thinking :   About projects for today. Weekends tend to be our cleaning days, and I sense some de-cluttering in my future. Maybe some baking, too?

smelling :   Mrs. Meyers geranium spray. Cleaning is way more fun when the products smell nice. :)

wishing :    For more nice-weather days. The season tend to change rather suddenly here in DC, and I want the in-between summer-to-fall days to linger so that I can enjoy being outside. 

hoping :    For a good week at work. Having Monday off was great, but things still felt busy and a little stressful. Here's to hoping that things go smoothly this week!

wearing :    My PJs... still. You just can't beat a t-shirt and mesh shorts on a day like this. You just can't. 

loving :  Pretty Little Liars! I admit that a big reason I didn't finish my blogging projects is that I have decided to re-watch the series, and I'm trying to catch all of the clues that are dropped about "A" and Alison from the beginning. Dorky? Yes. But also fun!

wanting :  Cupcakes! I'm growing more certain that I'll be baking a batch today. 

needing :  To complete items on my to-do list so that I feel more settled and accomplished.

feeling :   Good about today, but I think that a cup of mint tea will make me feel even better. 

clicking :   On the many many blogs that I haven't read for the past few days. Oh, internet, you never rest, do you?

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