September 1, 2013

Sunday Currently : 34

Sometimes you reeeeally need a weekend in the city with old friends, but you don't realize how much you needed it until it actually happens, and you wake up the next morning on your friend's futon, the soft gray light of a cloudy NYC morning streaming in through the window, and you let the memories of yesterday trickle through your mind. And you smile and wrap the blanket around your legs, and you wait for today to begin.

reading : Native Son. I didn't have any free time to read during the week, but my DC-NYC bus ride has given me a good opportunity to get back into it!

writing :  Err, okay, so I totally failed on this front last week. As it turns out, blogging while working full-time is preeeettty hard. I only put up two posts, one of which was the Sunday Currently. I have posts ready to go, but I have yet to tie up a few loose ends before hitting "Publish." Perhaps this week will be better? I think Blogtember will be a big help...

listening :   To the AC running in the living room. White noise is so soothing this morning.

thinking :   About how wonderful these ladies are and how much I need to make them a larger part of my life. It's hard living in different cities, but putting in the effort to be present for each other lives is important. I'm realizing just how much I missed them.

smelling :   Cold air? It's a welcome change from the HOT stale air of the subway platform, that's for sure.

wishing :   For no rain today. I have only one pair of sandals with me, and I don't want them to get soaked! Plus, I would like wear my maxi dress tonight, and I don't want the bottom to get wet from puddles.

hoping :   For increased energy this week. Work is gradually getting busier and more jam-packed, and I need to hit my stride so that I'm not quite so dependent on caffeine to stay alert. Momentum, feel free to arrive soon. 

wearing :   PJs. Being in the city this weekend reminds of how different NYC and DC are in terms of fashion. I rarely feel self-conscious about my preppy J Crew outfits in DC, but in New York there is definitely pressure to be hipstery cool and trendy. I don't think I'm quite there yet, though, as today's planned outfit involves mint J Crew shorts and a navy blue anchor blouse. :)

loving :  My friends! I love laughing with them, walking with them, and being with them.

wanting :  A cold glass of water and a tasty brunch.

needing :  More moments like yesterday. They're good for the soul.

feeling :   Thankful for the overwhelmingly good prognosis for my friend's cancer treatment!!!!! I learned yesterday that her doctors are cutting out her last 4 scheded rounds of chemo, which means that she will be done in September!!! I am so excited at how well she has responded, and I am so thankful for the thoughts and prayers so many of you have offered for her. I really do believe that those things matter. Thank you!

clicking :   On the many many blogs I have not read for the past several days... though to be honest, it's probably going to be a while until I'm completely caught up. Live life first, go on internet later. We have brunches to eat and laughs to have!

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