September 29, 2013

Sunday Currently : 38

Yawn, streeeeetch!  Blink. Sigh. It's Sunday morning.

This weekend has gone by too fast, which always happens when I spend my Saturdays at school doing work. +1 for productivity, -1 for less leisure time. Oh, adulthood as a student, you really are so tricky. I still don't quite know how to strike the balance sometimes, but I'm trying. It's harder now that I'm also working full-time, as all I want to do is have some quiet time and relax at the end of the day, yet I should be trying to slip some work in there, too. But I'll figure it out, I suppose. For now, Sunday is all about the quiet and the peace. Things are supposed to be easy on Sundays. Ommm.

 reading : Last week's blogs. I'm finding it hard to stay in the loop during the week when I get home from work, but I'm going to try to set aside a little bit of time this week and experiment with a slightly different routine.

writing :  Lots of Lancaster posts! Our little weekend getaway was so much fun, and I love reliving it through all of our photos. Stay tuned!

listening : To morning sounds.... chirping birds, cats running around the house. 

thinking :   About the fun October things that I want to do in the area. The hubs and I picked up our first pumpkin of the season in Lancaster, but I want to go pumpkin picking with friends, too. Hmm, perhaps an e-mail chain to suggest some outings?

smelling :   Cold air. I opened up one of the kitchen windows for O'Higgins to lounge in, but he promptly squeezed himself between the glass and the screen and popped the screen out of its frame for about the twentieth time. Oh, little one.... at least now we know how he's been doing it.

wishing :    For more in-between fall weather. I love my fall jacket and want to wear it all the time! Isn't fall fashion the best?

hoping :   That the hubs is winning his soccer game this morning. I was too deeply asleep to go watch his game, but I'm rooting for him from the kitchen table!

wearing :   My regular summer PJs, but I'm realizing that I'm going to need to wash my warmer PJ sets pretty soon. I sense some wardrobe reorganization....

loving :   My new job. I've been there for two months, and while I know my schedule isn't 100% full yet, I've found a great flow. Even the stressful days seem manageable, and more than anything, I just love what I do. Yay!

wanting :    To check out J. Crew today to try on some new jeans. I still haven't replaced the ones that ripped over the summer, and I don't think I want to keep wearing my mint ones through the fall. I need some basic blue jeans!

needing :  To also clean the house today. I spy some dust bunnies gathering, and I just want to knock it all out so that everything looks and smells good.

feeling :   Good! Excited about some future possibilities and pleased with the present. Life is pretty darn nice.

clicking :   On all of the blogosphere today in my attempt to catch up on what you all have been up to!

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