September 15, 2013

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You guys, you guys!!! Fall is here!!!!

We actually have some brown leaves on our lawn, and my legs are feeling chilly from the open windows. This is it. It's here. It's beginning. Fall.

reading : Native Son. Still. STILL. I... just haven't had time to read. I'm bad. But I also want to do some magazine reading because that pile is getting out of control. Soooo, to be continued?

writing :  A couple of posts for next week, as I finally got my act together and scheduled posts for this week. Hurray! I had planned to do Blogtember this month, but I have to admit, the prompts aren't really resonating with me this time. I might do a couple of the remaining prompts, but otherwise it's just been hard to join in. I do hope that Jenni does another one of these blogging months, though, because I love the idea of it.

listening :   To O'Higgins, our little rambunctious cat, making odd meows in the window. He wants to chase the birds, and I think he is upset that he's stuck inside.

thinking :   About meals for this week. I'm trying to get back on track with planning our dinners in advance so that we can make enough for leftovers, which makes bringing lunch to work way easier.

smelling :    Cinnamon from my oatmeal this morning. I was about to reach for the cereal, but the cooler morning air made me want something warm and comforting. Mmm, cinnamon.
wishing :  For some wonderful birthday presents on Friday! :D One from my parents has already arrived, but I'm trying not to open it until my actual birthday. Last year my dad won with an awesome multi-part gift of an Abe Lincoln bobblehead, a DVD of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and a box of chocolates from our hometown chocolatier. This is the way to my heart, folks: presidents, vampires, and chocolate.

hoping :   That I can find brussel sprouts at the farmers market. I'm dying to try out a couple new recipes with them! I can't remember ever eating these as a kid, but lately I have been enjoying them quite a bit.

wearing :  My comfy, beat-up jeans with a college t-shirt and flip-flops. It's supposed to warm up this afternoon, and I'm planning to walk the mile uphill to the farmer's market, so I want to stay comfortable.

loving :   The feel of fall. Things feel fresh and comforting, and there are so many fun outdoor activities to do before it gets too cold out. I sense ghost walks in Georgetown, apple picking in Virginia, and pumpkin patches in Maryland.

wanting :  Coffee! Our French press broke last week, and we have not yet found a replacement that we like. I will definitely need to stop in to a shop to get a cappuccino while I'm at the farmer's market. This girl requires caffeine.

needing :  O'Higgins to stop chewing on my hair. He has moved from the window to the couch behind my head, and he likes that my hair is still wet from the shower... so he has decided to chomp down on a few strands and whack my head with his paw whenever I move. Help!

feeling :   Excited about my dissertation again. Yes, you read that right! I ran my first group of participants yesterday, and it reminded me why I love my research topic. I still have concerns about the slow recruitment, so I have a back-up project on the side with data ready to be analyzed... but I have to admit, it feels nerdily awesome to have original data.

clicking :   On lots and lots of blogs, as I didn't read a single one for most of last week. Look out for a comment coming your way soon!

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