February 20, 2013

A French Affair: Olive Bread and Ratatouille

My dad gave the hubs and I A Little Provençal Cookbook, a cute little French cookbook of basic recipes, and as soon as the hubs saw that there was a recipe for olive bread in there, he just about flipped over the moon and couldn't stop talking about it for weeks.

He really likes olives.

Since a meal of just olive bread would be rather incomplete, we decided to whip up some ratatouille to round out our dinner a few nights ago. The end result was amazingly delicious.

Of course, since we were making French food, I insisted on having a French-themed evening, with Georges Brassens playing in the background while we cooked, having French wine with our meal, and ending the night with the Pixar movie "Ratatouille." Very appropriate. :)

We don't usually follow a theme when we cook, but I found that it made the evening more fun for us, and I'd definitely like to do this more often. I remember in college, we used to get take-out sushi, drink Sapporo, and watch "Lost in Translation," as well as have burritos, tacos, and Corona when we watched "Y Tu Mamá También." It might be a little dorky, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun, too!

Have others done things like this before, too? What are some of your favorites?