February 24, 2013

Sunday Currently : 8

I could describe this weekend in three parts: celebration, recuperation, and work. Celebration because on Friday, I matched to my first-choice internship placement for next year!! Many of my friends also matched to their #1 choice, so Friday was filled with celebratory brunch, prosecco, and lots of jumping up and down. Yay!!! It is such a wonderful relief to be done with the uncertainty of internship placements, and I am feel so happy with how things have turned out. Smiles all around!

Since all of that celebrating was cause for a very sleepy Saturday, I spent my day on activities that make me feel centered, like having a great run, cleaning, doing laundry, and baking lemon cupcakes. It was a quiet day, but it was nice to feel focused and have some purpose. Those small tasks add up to big satisfaction.

Today is about dissertation work, and I'll be heading to campus to do some reading and writing. Now that my placement is secured, I need to kick some butt on my dissertation! Some very serious work ethic is going to need to be channeled. It's go time.

reading : Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. This is hard for me to get into, and I haven't really been reading it consistently, though it has gotten easier. Sigh. Feeling tempted to shelve this one, but I must prevail! Now #4 on the library waiting list for Beautiful Darkness, which I admit is way more exciting than James Joyce right now. Yes, I realize that last bit will probably doom me to literary hell.

writing : Posts for this week!! This week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, and I will be blogging every day about related topics. Very excited and nervous about it, but it's fun to share information about a cause I'm very passionate about. On Monday, I'll be fighting fat talk; on Tuesday, I'll practice being mindful; on Wednesday, I'll be writing a letter to my body; on Thursday, I'll be sharing eating disorder statistics; and on Friday, I'll declare my Body Manifesto. If others want to blog along, let me know!

listening : To a new song (to me) called "Ríe Chinito." The hubs discovered it a few months ago, and we've been enjoying it a lot this past week. It's in Spanish and very beautiful. 

thinking : About next year. On Friday, I matched to my first-choice internship site, which means that I get to stay in DC next year. Hurrah!! One of my good friends from various clinical practica also matched there, so I'm excited to be together next year. Some of my friends from my program also matched in DC, so it's a relief to know that we're not all splitting up just yet. I'm already mentally decorating my office and planning lunch dates at the nearby hospital complex...

smelling : Mrs. Meyers hydrangea spray from my cleaning frenzy yesterday, freshly laundered sheets, and my red currant candle. Cozy Sundays blogging from bed are becoming a really nice tradition.

wishing : That I had seen more Oscar-nominated films this year! The hubs and I kept talking about seeing Argo and Lincoln, but we never actually made it to the theatre. I'll be adding those two to our Netflix queue and awaiting their release. Better late than never, right?

hoping : That the hubs get some good news about grad school! He's worked so hard, but he might have to reapply to doctoral programs next year to find a better fit with his research interests and experience. Fingers crossed and positive karma, folks!

wearing :  Jeans, t-shirt, and cardigan. This is one of my staples. While I do enjoy mixing it up, on lazy Sundays I like to stick to the basics. 

loving : The nearing of springtime! While I do love winter and snow, this winter has been a bit of a disappointment. If we're not getting any snow, then I am ready for the things that come with spring, like sandals, bright colors, and iced coffees. 

wanting : To get back in the swing of spring with a DC United soccer game. Sadly, we will be out of town for the home opener on March 9th, so we'll have to wait until the 23rd for the next home game. Games are so much fun, and I can't wait to don my jersey, drink some Negra Modelo, and sing/scream the supporter songs in the stadium. 

needing : To de-clutter. I have a haphazard stack of papers next to my desk that is a major eyesore, and I need to find some time to sort through them and toss whatever is not essential.

feeling : A little sore. I've been pushing myself a little more at the gym this week, and while it's felt good, it has also left me with some sore quads. Oh, the cost of trying to bring down my treadmill time! 

clicking :  On desk lamp research. We have one of those basic arched lamps from our college days, but I've been wanting to try out a different look. I really like this funky one from Anthopologie but don't know if the hubs will agree.