February 17, 2013

Sunday Currently : 7

Oh, lazy weekend, how nice you are. You let me wrap myself in blankets as the cat slowly made her way from my foot to my knee to my stomach before finally settling down for a nap. You let me drink mint tea from oversized mugs. You let me smell the wonderful fragrance from our new basil plant perched in the window. Thank you.

reading : Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. No major reactions yet, but I'm hoping that I get hooked soon. Joyce is one of those writers who I have always wanted to love but somehow never actually read. This solves that! I zipped through Beautiful Creatures and have been (im)patiently waiting for the DC Library system to have a copy of the next book, Beautiful Darkness, available. As of today, I am #7 on the waiting list. 

writing :  Posts for later this week, not much else.  

listening :  To cars driving by outside and Mumford and Sons. I think is becoming my Sunday routine...

thinking : About this upcoming week. Match Day is on Friday, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't stressing over whether this week will go by quickly. I hope it does!

smelling : The beautiful flowers that the hubs got me for Valentine's Day. The tulips and lilies opened up a lot this weekend, and whenever I walk into the kitchen the fragrance of the hydrangea enthusiastically greets me. Ah, the pleasure of stopping to smell the flowers. :)

wishing : For snow. I think this dream will be unfulfilled again this year, tucked away in a few weeks along with my wool sweaters and boots. Still, I will continue to check the weather forecast and look up at the sky in search of flurries. 

hoping : For peace of mind on Friday. All of my top choices were stellar ones, so I hope that wherever I match, I can remind myself of that and let go of any lingering "What if" and "I should have" thoughts. Peace and acceptance, acceptance and peace. 

wearing :  Corduroys, t-shirt, and cardigan. Truthfully, I would probably still be wearing my flannel cat pajamas, but I have errands to run!

loving :  The good that exists in the world. And the hubs- love him so so much. :)

wanting :  Some items from J. Crew Factory. I'm headed to their store this afternoon to make a few returns, and then I plan to purchase some items online since they're having an online-only sale. I tend to shop online these days, but I do miss trying things on in the store, so I think I will have fun with that today.

needing :  The usual. Love, hugs, coffee, and cat cuddles. My needs have been met pretty well lately. :)

feeling :  A combination of restless, worried, and happy. I think that a trip to the gym will help with those first two, since being active tends to relax me and get the happy-chemicals in my brain flowing. 

clicking : On lots of things today! One is a fundraiser for the Trevor Project that an alumnus from my alma mater set up in response to a hate group's plan to protest at our college. Earlier this week, I wrote about my reaction to this planned protest, and it makes me feel really happy that our community continues to put messages of love at the forefront. As of this morning, there has been nearly $80,000 raised for the Trevor Project. Love really can win out over hate. I'm also loving this blog post on religion that is so genuine and full of hope.