February 3, 2013

Sunday Currently : 5

There are a lot of things that can bring a smile to my face in the morning, but looking out the window and seeing that last night's light snowfall is still on the ground is definitely near the top of that list. I'm crossing my fingers for more snow! The temperatures have been so off this year, and it makes me anxious to think that maybe winters are just not going to be what they should be anymore.  All I need is one good snowfall. Please!

To treat ourselves for being done with interviews, my friend and I went to get our nails done yesterday. This was the first time I had gotten a shellac manicure, and I have to say, I am really loving it. It's only been a day, so it's entirely possible that I will ruin my nails before sundown today, but I have high hopes that these will last. I can never get my regular manicures to last for more than two days before they begin to chip, so if this shellac magic pans out, consider me converted.

I just returned from the February meeting of Brunch Club, a tradition that the other ladies in my program started a few months back. The first Sunday of every month, we meet for brunch at a new restaurant somewhere in the city and catch up on whatever we have been up to. Today's brunch at Lavagna was delicious, and as we stepped outside to part ways, it started snowing! We stood there for a while as the flaked fell down, laughing, and energetically recapping our plans for the coming weeks, and I felt so happy. These girls are so special to me, and I am so blessed to share a Sunday with them, as well as the past few years. 

reading : Those are Real Bullets. At first I complained that it's hard to get into, but I have since changed my tune. Once I got into the part of the book that describes the actual day of the march and attack on civilians, I found the descriptions very gripping (and horrifying), and I was hooked. I'm almost done with it now, and I think it will have been a very enlightening book.

writing :  Some blog posts for this week and the rest of the month. I'm trying to schedule ahead of time so that the week feels more relaxed.

listening :   Mumford and Sons! I'm hooked. No apologies.

thinking :   That life rarely turns out how we imagine. So far, that has meant mostly good, wonderful things. 

smelling :   Black beans and garlic. The hubs started a crock pot full of beans and onion at about 5 this morning so that it would be ready for his Super Bowl tacos, and now the entire apartment smells like food. Not complaining!

wishing :  That the snow would stick. I feel a little bit like I'm walking through a snow globe, and as magical as that sounds, I would also love to feel the satisfying crunch of snow underneath of my boots. 

hoping :  That no matter where my friends and I end up next year, we remain close. Friends like these don't come around very often, and I want to hang on to the people who have such a prominent place in my heart. 

wearing :  My trusty J. Crew Minnie pants and bright purple J. Crew Factory v-neck sweater. Comfy, looks good, and I'm ready to roll.    

loving :   My friends! Brunch Club is a treasured time to catch up, laugh, and drink mimosas and Bloody Marys. Of course, it's nice to see everyone in between each "meeting," but when our schedules are all over the place, it gets increasingly difficult to see the people you love. Brunch Club lets us have protected friend time, and I love that so much. 

wanting :  A post-bottomless mimosa nap, but I must hop on the bus in a few minutes to our friend's house to prep for his Super Bowl party. Tacos, chili, and other assorted treats, yum!! 

needing :  To fuel my creativity. Trying out photography has been so much fun, and it has reminded of how much I love the arts and love to watch a project develop. I have made a few attempts to get back into writing short stories and am trying to work up the nerve to finish a few that I started last year.

feeling :  Happy. Oh so happy. 

clicking :  On this. Somebody posted it on Twitter this weekend, and I've been obsessed with it since. If you are part crazy cat lady like me, you will appreciate it. Two words: cat massage.

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you are all finding your happiness today.