February 27, 2013

Dear Body

Dear Body,

Thanks for getting me through the past 27 years! We've had some rough moments, but you never gave up on me, and here we are. I appreciate you now in a way that I don't think I realized was possible before. You are healthy, and though you could probably be stronger, you're pretty resilient. I think of you as part of me now. I've learned to accept you more fully and stop criticizing you. What would the point of that be? You're the only body I've got, and it wouldn't be fair to you if I didn't accept you. I can tell we're both happier when I accept and stop judging.

I'm trying to listen to you more. I know you need rest, so I'm going to let you sleep at normal times. I know you need to pushed, though, too, so I'm going to try to make you stronger. I can tell you like when we go running because you give me so much energy afterwards, and you make me feel more alert. Thanks for that, body. Sometimes we both need a jumpstart. I'm trying to feed you in the ways you need and to be more consistent. I know you like when I pack snacks in my bag, body, so I'll keep doing that for the times we get stuck on the metro for too long. Snacks are good.

I'm sorry for the times I didn't take good care of you. You deserved better than that. We're both stronger now, and I promise to value you. Nobody's perfect, and I shouldn't get angry with you for being human. Thanks for not getting angry with me for being human, either.

Feet, you bring me around to so many great places. We like to walk as much as possible, and even when you're tired, you keep on going. I try not to make you wear uncomfortable shoes, and I think we both agree that sometimes sneakers are really the best thing ever invented.

Wrists, I've been unkind to you lately. I know you don't like when I play on my laptop in bed and make you rest at weird angles. I need to work on this, wrists, and I just ask that you hang in there.

Calves, I really like you. We've always gotten along. You're strong and help me leap around, and even when I stopped dancing, you reminded me of what I was capable of.

Breasts, I've probably been the hardest on you. You get in the way sometimes, and I've spent a lot of energy hating you and wishing you away. I'm sorry. As far as boobs go, you really are pretty great, and I'm sorry that I made you feel bad. We've started to reconcile in the past couple of years, and I think we're on our way to getting along more often.

Hair, you are totally crazy, but I now realize that you just reflect my personality. I tried to make you flat and straight, but that just isn't who you are. You like to be wild and untamed and curly, and I respect that. We've had a lot more fun together once I realized who you really were.

Body, I think we both know now that there is no such thing as being perfect. There's no perfect body, and there's no perfect woman. Even so, I love you. We're committed to each other, you and I, and life is so much better when we work together. Thanks, body, for getting me here and joining me on my adventures. I couldn't have done this without you.