February 10, 2013

Sunday Currently : 6

Well, this past week was a mix of good moments and paralyzing anxiety, and I am glad that I survived in one piece. After my Tuesday/Wednesday Stress Fest, I regained my sanity and was able to refocus on the good things in life, of which there are many! Last night involved birthday celebrations for two friends, and I was able to laugh with my friends who are also going through the application process about how we all lost our minds this week, frantically changing our rankings at the last-minute, and wrestling with self-doubt as to whether we did the right thing. Ultimately, we agreed, we just had to let it go. The rankings are submitted, and now we just wait. Wherever we end up is where we end up, and it will just have to be the right place for us.

Accepting no control is oddly liberating, and I woke up this morning feeling really happy and peaceful. I could feel the warm spot of Molly, our cat, nestled up on my ankle, a refreshing breeze was coming in from the window I had left open, and even though my dreams were fading away, I knew they had been fun ones. I lay there in bed for a few moments, smiling to myself, and I knew that today would be a good day. I love those moments. Sometimes it's not about running around. Sometimes it's about sitting still, listening, and just being.

I just can't get enough of this face!

reading : Well, I finally finished Those are Real Bullets and am glad to report that it ended up being really powerful. I have a bad habit of starting and then not finishing books, and I'm glad that I didn't let myself abandon this one. Now I'm reading Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Beautiful Creatures. It's impossible for me to have just one book going at a time!

writing : Grocery lists. Our fridge is looking pretty barren right now, and that must change!

listening : To the hubs whistling around the apartment and cars driving outside. 

thinking : About recipes I want to try out. We've been perusing our cookbooks, and I've been making mental notes of what looks good. I sense some olive bread in our future...

smelling : The red currant candle I have on my desk. This one doesn't even need to be lit for it to smell good, but there's something soothing about having a lit candle fluttering next to me that I just love. 

wishing : That I could curl up in bed and just read all day. Luckily, with the exception of our grocery excursion, I think this is exactly what I will do today. :)

hoping : For time next weekend to do more activities around the city. I let myself get a bit lazy this weekend, which is okay, but I also want to make sure I'm using my time in good ways. There are museums to visit and hikes to take!

wearing : My typical uniform of jeans, t-shirt, cardigan, and scarf. Sundays, sometimes you are so predictable. That's okay.

loving : My braids. I've been slightly deviating from my usual ponytail and been trying to French braid my hair back off my face. Today's experiment of a braid into a bun has worked out pretty well!

wanting : To go shopping! I ordered clothes from J. Crew Factory a couple of weeks ago, but I need to make returns and don't want to pay any shipping. Since the nearest outlet requires a car, I'm waiting for a driving friend to make the journey with me. Maybe next weekend?   

needing : To get the hubs a Valentine's Day card. It's hard to believe that it's really almost time for this holiday! 

feeling : Hungry! I'm craving tacos and am predicting a Mexican-themed menu for this week's meals.

clicking : On blogs. I fell a bit behind last week due to Stress Fest, and I'm trying to catch up. Also trying to find new blogs that I might enjoy, which browsing the Sunday Currentlys seems to do quite well each week.