February 14, 2013

All to Be With You

Happy Valentine's Day!! I know that the cynics say that today is nothing more than a cheap holiday generated by Hallmark, but I prefer to think of Valentine's Day as a time to celebrate love of all kinds, whether it's your partner, your mom, or your best friend. Hopefully that's something that we're doing anyway, but if not, then today is a great day to reflect on the important relationships in your life.

It's also a great day for all things PINK! And red, too. And chocolate.

Chocolates, a card, and leftover strawberry buttercream cake for the hubs

The hubs started laughing as he read my Valentine's Day message this morning. Apparently we had written nearly identical messages to each other! Great minds think alike. :)

Snoopy chocolates hiding in my purse! Always a lovely surprise. 

Sometimes you need to spice things up and go with a Spanish-language card.

We'll be keeping Valentine's Day low-key this year by cooking dinner at home and then going to the movies. And because I'm a goofball, we'll be seeing the new zombie movie, "Warm Bodies." Nothing says love like a zombie finding his heart again, right? :D

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! What is your favorite part of today?