May 14, 2013

10 Happy Things

Day 14: Ten things that make you really happy

#5: Cat cuddles

1. Family. Whether it's holidays spent as a giant extended family or quiet moments on the couch with my mom, I love being around my family. We are a crazy bunch, but most importantly, we're a very loving bunch. There is no shortage of that in our clan. I love going home, and I love that feeling of safety and joy that comes with it.

2. The beach.  I grew up in a beach town, so I associate beach time with childhood and days spent running around under the sun. The feel of the sand beneath my toes and the sun on my face is instantly calming. Though I'm not usually one for swimming around in the water, I love the sound of the waves crashing against the shore while I lay out on my towel. Is there anything more peaceful?

3. Pizza. This might seem weird, but I really do love pizza! The crunch, the tomatoes, the gooey cheese... it's pretty much my perfect food. Sadly, to get good pizza in DC you have to get the gourmet kind. Delivery options? Not so much. Whenever I go back to NY, I have to make sure to grab at least one slice. It's that good.

4. Music. Music was always a presence in my life, whether it was my dad singing and playing guitar or me learning to play an instrument. In high school, I transitioned into studying voice and was active in my school's theatre community, and then in college I got caught up in the world of a cappella and choir. While I love lots of different kinds of music, singing musical theatre and opera are two of my favorites. Being surrounded my such expressive loveliness makes me feel alive and connected.

5. Cat cuddles. That moment when our cat jumps up on the bed and settles down in the crook of my knee or slinks up to curl up on my stomach? I melt. It's one of those simple moments that feels intimate and warm, and I love it.

6. Laughter. I love to laugh and be silly, and a good time spent with friends will definitely be filled with lots of laughter. It makes people feel connected to one another, and it reminds me of how special it is to have people in my life with whom I can be my goofy self. Not everyone gets that, and I feel lucky to be able to laugh and be free with my friends and family.

7. The smell and sight of snow. That crisp wintery scent in the air that rolls in around November? I love that, too. It makes me excited for the nearing snowfall and brings in the best parts of winter. I get so giddy about snow predictions that sometimes I can't even sleep at night because I want to keep getting up to look out the window. Snow brings out the child in me, the girl who cheers for snow days and could stare at that beautiful blanket forever, sipping hot chocolate and delighting in the crunch of snow beneath my boots. Snow is magical.

8. Silly moments with the hubs. This goes back to the #6, but we definitely would not be married if we didn't both love to laugh and be ridiculous sometimes (err, most of the time). Sometimes I think we have our own special, weird language. Could I have a husband who didn't delight in doing the "silly walk" game (each person has to walk as long as possible doing a silly walk-- wild hand gestures encouraged!)? Maybe. But I'm glad that the hubs does.

9. Quiet mornings. Since we moved to the new house, I have been having so many amazing mornings where the sunlight is softly streaming into our bedroom and the only noise is the birds chirping from the tree. Seriously, these birds are amazing! It's such a peaceful way to wake up, and it brings a smile to my face first thing in the day. I cherish quiet moments like that.

10. Perfect timing. As an avid user of public transportation, the moment that the bus arrives just a moment after I get to the bus stop, followed by a train that is coming in just one more minute, is amazing. What makes it even better? When I place myself on the exact spot on the metro platform that will let me off right in front of the escalator at my destination. Pure perfection. :)

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