May 17, 2013

Wedding Photo Memories

Day 17: A favorite photo of yourself and why

The hubs and I were so pleased with the way that our wedding photos came out. Photo after photo was a beautiful moment captured forever, and I loved how our photographers were able to show how much love and happiness was floating around this day. I could have posted our entire wedding album in this post because some of my favorite photos of myself were taken that day, and since I don't currently have access to some of my favorite childhood photos, wedding photos it is!

I chose this one because I didn't know it was being taken, and I love how it candidly shows a tender moment between me and the hubs. I think somebody was giving a speech at the time, and it made me want to nestle up to my new husband and just be close to him. I felt so excited and happy, and I couldn't stop smiling all day. I look at that photo and feel as though I'm back in our wedding day, and I feel overcome with love for my husband and family. So many of our photos have that amazing power, but this one... this one is the best. 

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