May 4, 2013

Being Real

Day 4: Favorite quote and why you love it


There are so many reasons to love "The Velveteen Rabbit," but this passage is my main one. It's one of my favorite quotes, and it never fails to get me a bit misty-eyed because of its powerful message. 

To me, being Real is about allowing yourself to be truly loved by others and by yourself. If we keep others at a distance, if we don't show our shabby parts and our broken bits, then we won't truly be Real.  Our exterior might look nice and pretty, but it's also a lonely existence. It can be a hard process when you let yourself be vulnerable, and you'll get a few bumps and bruises along the way. We can never really stay in pristine condition, but maybe that's okay. As the Skin Horse says, when you're Real, you can't be ugly. The people who have loved you, who have been passengers on your journey, will unconditionally love and accept you for who you are. Can others be cruel or pass judgment at various points in our lives? Sure. But those aren't the people who give us love. Ultimately, their opinion doesn't matter. 

Being Real means being human. Being Real means being flawed. But above all else, being Real means having lived and being loved. 

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