May 12, 2013

Sunday Currently : 19

Happy Mother's Day! While I can't be with my mom today, I know she's having a great time celebrating with my sister in Brooklyn. If you haven't already called your mom to tell her you love her, do it now. :)

Today is a busy day at our house. In addition to making phone calls home, we are running around trying to get things in order for the graduation party we are hosting this afternoon! Right now I am baking last-minute cupcakes and strategizing how to finalize my many projects while also finding time to shower. It will all come together somehow!

reading : The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. LOVE. Hemingway, you're totally my guy. We saw The Washington Ballet perform an interpretation of this novel last week at the Kennedy Center, and we loved it! Also, the King and Queen of Sweden were in attendance, so that's cool, too.  

writing :  More Blog Every Day in May posts, though I admit I'm starting to slack off on this front. Things are so busy around here!

listening :  To the Gipsy Kings playing on my laptop. I'm trying to set the mood for our party since we'll have lots of Latin American Studies folks around. 

thinking :  About my mental to-do list. 

smelling :  Cocoa powder. Mmmm, I love chocolate. 

wishing :  That I hadn't slept in late this morning because now I'm behind, but I was out last night celebrating the official doctoral hooding of one of my dear friends, and it was totally worth it. At least I'm well-rested now!

hoping :  That the house is somewhat in order by the time people start arriving. When in doubt, just light some candles, put out some flowers in vases, and turn up the music!

wearing :  Gym shorts and a college t-shirt that is covered in cupcake batter. At some point I will need to change into something slightly more festive, but I haven't even begun to plan what my outfit will be. As long as it doesn't have flour all over it, I think I'll be good. :)

loving :  All of the excitement that these days are bringing! Graduations, parties, and honeymoon. There's so much to be happy about!

wanting :  These cupcakes to turn out okay. I've never made these before (Mexican chocolate) and hope I didn't add too much cayenne pepper. I love spice, but I don't want our guests to collapse on the ground if I overdid it. Oops. 

needing :  To be strategic. This is definitely a busier Sunday than I usually have, which would normally stress me out, but I'm excited to have people over to the house and to celebrate the hubs' achievements! 

feeling :  Very proud of the hubs. He's downplaying his graduation, but the truth is that he has worked really hard for the past two years for this degree, and he has found his passion. That alone is an amazing accomplishment, and I'm so proud of the hubs for finding his way and flourishing in the process. You rock, hubs!

clicking :  On not much today since I am project-laden and will soon be playing hostess. But as soon as things slow down, I'll be back to click through the Sunday Currently and respond to the comments that I've received in the past few days. 

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