May 5, 2013

Sunday Currently : 18

¡Felíz Cinco de Mayo! While it may be weird that U.S. Americans celebrate Mexico's victory over France in the state of Puebla, there's nothing weird about enjoying a margarita in the name of celebration. Mmm. :)

Today I am off to another Brunch Club meeting, appropriately being held at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, El Centro DF. Their brunch is always really satisfying, so I'm excited to go back there with my ladies. Brunch brunch brunch brunch!

reading : Some things, but not enough. I finished Cross My Heart, Hope to Die and am now in possession of some Virginia Woolf and Ernest Hemingway. However, I haven't given myself much time to sit down and read this week. Ernie might need to accompany me on the metro this afternoon. 

writing :  More scheduled posts for this month. So far the Blog Every Day in May challenge has been loads of fun, though I'm finding that since hundreds of people are joining in, it's hard to navigate through all of the participants' posts. I've started clicking on them randomly, but surely there must be a better method. Then again, maybe not. Either way, I'm trying to keep up and stay engaged. It's nice to be creative and open with some of these prompts, and I hope it's a way for us all to learn a bit more about each other. :) Here's what I've posted so far: Day 1 // Day 2 // Day 3 // Day 4.

listening :  To chirping birds. It's otherwise rather quiet around these parts, as the hubs left for the library early this morning to work on a paper. I bought a bell-shaped blob of bird seed to hang in the backyard, and I'm hoping it will attract more birds to our yard.

thinking :  About all that needs to be done before we leave for our honeymoon in two weeks. I'm a bit stressed about it, but I know everything will be okay in the end. 

smelling :  Coffee, one of my favorite morning smells. 

wishing :  For inner peace and for the motivation to go running outside in my new neighborhood. Sometimes those are the same thing for me. Endorphins are rather nice, don't you think?

hoping :  That the metro cooperates with me. Please, no terrible delays! This girl needs her brunch. 

wearing :  New J. Crew toothpick jeans (Seriously, J. Crew, just make me a spokesperson for your store already! Love you forever!), and a Frida Kahlo t-shirt. I am a fan of themed outfits and couldn't pass up the opportunity to give a nod to Mexico today. 

loving :  Our new DSLR! So many buttons. So little time. Also, as my nod to the Blog Every Day in May prompt for today (Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends), I want to fangirl for a moment over Lauren, our host for today's Sunday Currently link-up. I know I've written this before, but I truly love this link-up. It's so fun, and I think it's great to be mindful about what we are currently doing in the moment we sit down to write this weekly post. Lauren's blog overall is a tribute to those moments, and her unique writing voice makes her blog stand out among so many others. She's so thoughtful in each of her posts, and her beautiful photos of the places she visits bring to life her surroundings. Thank you, Lauren, for sharing your voice and for providing this link-up for all of us! :)

wanting :  Predictably, a wide-angle lens for the camera. I'm a total amateur when it comes to photography, but it's just so much fun! I really love being creative, and I see lots of good times ahead with this camera. It's nice to learn something new and work my brain a bit. 

needing :  To get moving. I can't be late for brunch!

feeling :  Appreciative that one of my uncles has offered to buy the hubs and I tickets to a flamenco show in Barcelona. He and his girlfriend were there a few months ago, and he has been so enthusiastic in sharing his recommendations. I'm so excited to actually be there soon!

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